Con Edison - 1-800-752-6633

You may connect your electricity for your new apartment by simply calling ConEd at the above number. ConEd will ask for you name, SS number, new address, and contact information and will record an account in your name. Occasionaly, there is a past due bill from the last tenant or from the time the apartment was vacant. Make sure to tell ConEd the date you are moving in and do not assume responsibility any previous outstanding bills/debth. ConEd may ask for a copy of executed lease to make sure you are really a new tenant and not the same tenant re-connecting an account in someone else's name to avoid your outstanding balances.


Key Span - 718-403-1000

Follow the same procedures as for connecting Electricity above.

Ftiness Center / Health Clubs

NYSC-Check Local Gyms - New York Sports Club


Board of Education - Schools Information


MTA-Transportation information - MTA

Keys and Locks:

Most landlords hand over apartments with a new bottom lock for new occupants. A new top lock is optional and will be considered the property and responsibility of the new occupant. A basic top lock will cost $15-$30 and can be purchased at any hardware store or locksmith.

Truck parking while moving-in:

Try to take advantage of clear streets which result form alternate side parking regulations. It's advisable to check the days and hours of alternate side parking (street cleaning) regulations around your new building. If you are able to arrange for the arrival of your moving truck 15-20 minutes before the end of the alternate side parking (street cleaning) regulations you will have plenty of parking options for your truck.


It is customary for tenants to pay gratuity to their superintendent around the Christmas/New Year's holiday season. Although not mandatory, it is a way for tenants to show their appreciation of the super's handiwork and hard work year around.

Air conditioners:

If you install window air conditioners during the summer months, it's a good idea to remove them during winter to preserve their performance and lifespan. Some tenants may choose to leave their window units in place and wrap them for protection from snow and ice. Air conditioners must be installed safely. Installation instructions from New York City Department of Buildings are available here: Window Air Conditioners Installation.

Removing windows:

It's easy to take down and put back most apartment windows for cleaning. Simply locate and pull out clips located on the window's track. This will make the window come out when you slide up the window for opening. Use reverse steps to re-install the window.


Make sure to password protect your wireless network. Unsecured wireless networks allow others in the building to browse the internet using your connection and bandwidth. This unnecessary vulnerability can be a serious security threat.

Pest control:

You can take several measures to reduce and eliminate unwanted guests in your new apartment. Make sure to wash dirty dishes and throw out garbage daily. Paper products (e.g paper towels, newspapers, etc) are food for roaches, so get rid of all unnecessary paper products. Don't pad cabinetry shelves with paper products. Take advantage of your building's extermination service as much as possible. Seal all cracks in floors, tiles, edges, and moldings using a sealing product such as silicon or other adhesive material. Silicon guns are inexpensive and can have a huge payoff. Place traps at infected locations.